Ray Lewis Made my Back Hurt

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So I’m a Denver Broncos addict, and while watching them get destroyed today by the Baltimore Ravens, my back and foot started hurting. I went road biking after the slaughter, just to get my head right, and my foot in particular was aching like crazy. I’m taking two things from this:

One, despite our gaudy record, the Bronco’s offense really just isn’t that good ; ) (OK, that was a joke – KIND OF.)

Secondly, and MUCH more importantly, I care WAY too much about football and Denver sports in general – I feel like I get a little depressed every time my teams (Bronx, Nuggets, Rockies) lose a big game. Which brings me back to the subject of this post – stress and pain. If you’ve read my last few posts you know I’m digging into the mind-body connection, thanks to this doctor who’s been successfully treating back pain by teaching patients their pain begins with stress and anger (it doesn’t end there, but he theorizes that creates a physiologic reaction that actually robs back and neck muscles of needed oxygen).

So it was clear to me today that watching the Broncos get crushed actually made my body hurt a little, but I’m convinced that acknowledging that cause-and-effect relationship shortened its duration (now it feels pretty much fine).  

There is a time not too long ago when I would decided againt the bike ride I completed today (which was gorgeous, by the way, thanks to a crisp, 60-degree day framed by snow-covered peaks at a Salt Lake City park). Instead, I would have “listened to my body” and rested instead – afraid of further inflaming the area around my lower back surgery – and the tendons in my foot – leading to more days of pain.

Now I know that’s exactly the wrong thing to do. Ray Lewis may have brought the hurt to my Broncos, but his team’s  hit on me was temporary – it did not put me down for the count.


2 responses to “Ray Lewis Made my Back Hurt

  1. I’m pretty sure you can sue Lewis for that. Might as well salvage something.

  2. Hey – doesn’t this guy have a history of getting out of that kind of thing? I seem to remember something about a limo and a shiv…

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