Cycle Out the Morning Kinks

Little Dell Reservoir from top of Emigration Canyon

This is the reward I received this morning 65 minutes after jumping on my road bike in Salt Lake City. Emigration Canyon, the final leg of the Mormon journey to Salt Lake City, transports riders out of the hot asphalt of the city up along a creek and into pine- and scrub-oak studded foothills of the Wasatch mountains. It’s also a great cure for a little morning backache, which I felt lifting my son out of his crib and changing his diaper at around 7 a.m. It’s common for me to wake up a little stiff in the morning, but long ago I discovered there’s nothing like a nice climb on the bike to work it out. On days that I work, I accomplish the same thing with my 3.5-mile commute, but the views are nowhere near as nice! Now I’m sitting here typing with no pain, and getting excited to take Finley on a hike into the next canyon south, Mill Creek. Yeah weekend in high summer in the Rockies!


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