Back Dapped!

Sharon Jones - Umbria Jazz 2006

Sharon Jones was working as a prison guard at New York’s Riker’s Island prison in 1996  when a backup studio singing gig turned out to be her big break. When I saw her perform last Sunday with her band, the Dap Kings, at an outdoor amphitheater in Salt Lake City, she kicked off her high heels and danced the night away after a similarly hot set from opener Buckwheat Zydeco. Like the thousands of other people standing on the lawn on a beautiful summer night – armed with a cooler full of chilled white wine – I couldn’t help myself and danced right along with her. The next morning, when my 6-month-old woke me up before 7, I realized I’d be paying for my fun cavorting on an awkward, angled hillside when I felt a sharp ache in my lower back. Luckily 20 years of plying my back health hobby equipped me with the knowledge of what to do. I rode my bike to work, then walked to the gym and lifted free weights for an hour at lunch. The ache was still there when I got home, but after a night of rest and hydration, I got up the next morning feeling like a champ, and not regretting the incredible summer concert I’d indulged in. The lesson, learned the hard way after many failed attempts to “rest” my back after such an experience, may be counterintuitive to those just figuring out their back pain. But I’ve learned that exercise after pain will cut suffering time from weeks to days and from days to hours. I know, it’s counterintuitive – but so is a prison guard becoming a soul singer!

One response to “Back Dapped!

  1. Back pain is transitory. Sharon is forever. Wish I was there dancing with you, pal.

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