My name is Chris Barker. I’m a writer in my early 40’s living in Salt Lake City with my wife Julia and infant son Finley. In 1990, after a bruising bout with sciatica, at age 22, a laminectomy was performed on my lower back. One year later, a second surgeon removed scar tissue. Since then, I have battled back pain using stretching, strengthening, bike riding, walking, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais, Bikram yoga, acupuncture, moxa, deep tissue massage, prescription drugs, over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, ice, heat and water therapy and just plain hope and optimism when things looked their bleakest. Back Chronicles was created to document my 20-year spinal obsession and recovery from the grips of chronic pain. I hope it inspires fellow back pain sufferers by giving them  the knowledge and encouragement they need to effectively manage pain and lead fulfilling lives.


10 responses to “About

  1. So what’s your latest favorite remedy? And how do your feet get involved in all this?

  2. Good question, Julia! My latest favorite is pre-emptive exercise for surviving long car rides…Stay tuned!

  3. Hi, Chris,
    I sit at a computer almost all day and no matter how ergonomic my chair is, I find that I my head protrudes out of my body like a turtle’s. I’m sure this is a bad idea, but what can I do? I think I drive like this too.

  4. Not straight up, extended. Sit straight typing. pull your shoulders back, and then push your chin closer to the monitor screen. It may have to do with bifocals that encourage you to see out of the bottom of the lens when straining to see. Hmmmm

    • Have you tried adjusting your monitor up or closer so you can move your neck back? I had some major neck pain that I resolved quickly (after I figured it out) with a comfortable monitor position.

  5. Nice blog Chris! I’ll definitely keep reading it. Have you read TR Reid’s “Healing of America”? You should check it out …. seems like you could have a lot of fun researching and resolving this….and seeing how other places do it.

  6. Hey Penelope,
    Never worry about sitting up straight. In fact never worry about sitting. Read Galen Cranz – The Chair – Rethinking culture.

    The best ergonomic advice – Don’t sit. Squat like our fore fathers.

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